Monday, March 5, 2012

marimba mail march 2012

Well hello!

It's a jam-packed marimba month here at Boxall Towers. In addition to hitting things, I've been spending some time climbing hills this past month. Not long til I hike across the UK...

~~~gongs and glory~~~
I won second prize in a marimba competition in NYC! Usually in competitions I become an anxious mess, but in this one I busted out Ludwig Albert's 'Marimba Moods II' and the judges liked it. Here's a blog about the day, complete with picture of winners' lineup and my face not wanting to stay still.

I'm performing twice with the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble this month. Our program includes the first full performance of Vida Chenoweth's 1951 'Pointillism' suite for marimba, flute and clarinet. I am thrilled to be performing this piece (a mere 61 years after its composition). Also on the program: Marc Mellits' 'Tight Sweater' suite for marimba, piano and bassoon. Movement titles include "Pickle Trousers" and "Evil Yellow Penguin". If you're intrigued, please join us:
Friday March 23, 8pm @ Unitarian Church, Montpelier VT
Saturday March 24, 8pm @ Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington VT
Tickets for either concert are between $5 and $25 per person.

~~~and gigs~~~
Tuesday March 27, Ricochet Duo collaborate with saxophonist Dan Gordon in a concert at the State University of New York (Plattsburgh). 7.30pm in the Giltz Recital Hall, this concert is free and open to all ages. The program will include music by David Maslanka, Eric Ewazen, Gareth Farr, Darius Milhaud, Evan Chambers and the ubiquitous Mr Marc Mellits.

~~~and gigs~~~
Friday March 30, Doll Fight! returns to lay waste to Charlie-O's World Famous in Montpelier VT. Free entry, 21+, we'll be playing 2 hours of mostly original material including some corking new tunes. Local journo Dan Bolles calls me "ferocious" in this recent review:

~~~ and golly gosh! double-drumkit debut! ~~~
March 31, Snap Drag drum duo will debut a program of experimental music for two drumkits at Burlington VT's North End Studios. Tickets are on sale now via With NYC drumming ace Jessie Nelson, I am really excited to present a concert program including:

Frank Zappa - 'The Black Page'
Gary Chaffee - 'Seventh Heaven'
Bjork - 'Mutual Core'
Jane Boxall - 'Particle Series' (world premiere)
Jessie Nelson - 'New Work'
James Romig - 'Portraits'

Don't miss out! When was the last time you saw a double-drumkit concert? We'll follow the concert with a clinic, and repeat the whole thing in Lowell, MA the following day.

For now, back to the tactical metronome practice for me. Take care all,

marimba from 0 to 8 mallets