Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Repertoire list

Jane Boxall ~ marimba ~ Selected Repertoire

Marimba solo

Trilogy by Dave Maric*
Canyon by Kevin Puts
Invention 1 by Vida Chenoweth
▪ Warm Wind by Victoria Poleva
▪ Thoughts of Home by Marty McCrory
Voice of Matsuri Drums by Keiko Abe
Suite for Marimba by Nancy Van de Vate
Chain by Kazunori Miyake
Merlin by Andrew Thomas
Reflections on the Nature of Water by Andrew Thomas
For Marimba and Tape by Martin Wesley-Smith*
White Knight and Beaver by Martin Wesley-Smith*
Spherical Music by Eve Beglarian*
Toccata by Anna Ignatowicz
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GqtX__H-A8 )
▪ Wood Water and Land by Beata Moon
▪ Haikus I-III by Amy Preece
▪ The Game with the Rain by Maria Karpova
Zamba para Escuchar tu Silencio by Guillo Espel
Kaskada by Eckhard Kopetzski
Birdscape by Takashi Yoshimatsu
Prelude by J. S. Bach
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms by Keiko Abe
Ghanaia by Matthias Schmitt
Rotation no 1 by Eric Sammut
Rotation no 4 by Eric Sammut
Wind Across Mountains by Keiko Abe
Rhythm Song by Paul Smadbeck
Ripple by Akira Miyoshi
Two Movements for Marimba by Toshimitsu Tanaka
Memory of the Woods by Akemi Naito
Popcorn II by Chiel Meijering
Two Impressions by Tracy Thomas
Vidala del Martirio de los Brujos by Guillo Espel
Kaleidoscope II by Sadao Bekku

With piano

Ritual Protocol by Kevin Puts
Hommage a Bartok by Vida Chenoweth
Miniatures by Eloise [Matthies] Niwa
Country Dances by Eloise [Matthies] Niwa
Pleiades Dances by Takayoshi Yoshioka
▪Quay by Giovanni Mancuso
▪ Kalakala by Elvio Cipollone
Matres Dance by John Psathas

With flute/saxophone

Proteus by Per Norgard
Song Book by David Maslanka
Ecologue by Teruyuki Noda

Marimba/percussion duo

Ultimatum II by Nebojsa Zivkovic
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YKFD1w_XHQ )
Nagoya Marimbas by Steve Reich

Percussion solo

Steal the Thunder by Jean Piche*
13 Drums by Maki Ishii
Taking Sides by Damien Harron*
She who sleeps with a small blanket by Kevin Volans


Horsepower (CD album) by Triple Whip
Snake Creeps Down (CD EP) by Triple Whip
Get Set (CD album) by The Sea Set
Brutal Tinkerbell (CD single) by Brutal Tinkerbell
York Millennium Mystery Plays (CD album) OST

(▪ commissioned by Jane)
(* with electronics)

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  1. Hi Dr. Boxall -
    I think you have the composer for "Reflections on the Nature of Water" incorrect. I believe it is Jacob Druckman not Andrew Thomas. -Jeff